Battery Conditioner


Extend Battery Life up to 3x Times!

The all new ANBI Battery Conditioner transmits a high frequency digital pulse within the battery. These digital pulse frequencies break down the sulphates in the battery, extending battery life and increasing battery reliability.

Unlike other under-bonnet battery conditioners, the ANBI Battery Conditioner features a voltage cut-out that stops the unit drawing power when the vehicle is not in use.

The ANBI Battery Conditioner is suitable for a broad range of applications including automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial equipment.

The ANBI Battery Conditioner can also resuscitate a low battery, when recharging, with the ANBI Battery Conditioner, installed on the battery, at time of charging. Testing has proved that installing the ANBI Battery Conditioner onto the terminal of a flat battery prior to charging, can restore battery efficiency to approximately 80 percent.

The main cause of battery failure are sulphates accumulating on the battery plates. Sulphate accumulation occurs when lead sulphates form on the battery plates during the normal recharge/discharge cycles. Over time this sulphate builds up, lowering the batteries performance until the battery runs flat. The ANBI Battery Conditioner break down these’s sulphates, extending battery life and increasing battery reliability.