Following the announcement of their innovative under-bonnet battery, the team at Digital Pulse Systems is excited to announce the launch of two new products, the ANBI Battery Terminal and Battery Boss range.

Available in both positive and negative configurations, ANBI Battery Terminals and Boss’ are manufactured using high-quality BRONZE C85800, which meets International Automotive Standards.

“Following the lessons learned during the rollout of our Negative Battery Terminal Isolator range, we discover that there was room in the market for quality battery boss’ and terminals,” said Theo Brown, General Manager, Digital Pulse Systems. “Many of our stockiest reported issues with battery terminals cracking and failing when tightened.”

To avoid these failures, the team at Digital Pulse Systems reprofiled the contact area for a better fit, and that, combined with the use of BRONZE C85800, delivers a much more robust terminal.

“While our new Battery Terminals are a little more expensive than the others available on the market currently, we’re confident that mechanics and automotive electricians will choose to fit ANBI terminals to help avoid customer returns and re-dos,” Theo explained. “All ANBI terminals are precision forged and machined to ensure the best possible fit.”

ANBI’s new Battery Boss is suitable for Sealed Lead Acid batteries with 8mm bolt terminal.

“Our Battery Boss adaptor allows additional accessories to be fitted quickly while retaining the 8mm bolt terminal,” Theo said.

The ANBI Battery Boss also features a 12mm Knurl, where others only have an 8mm Knurl.

“Increasing the depth of the Knurl provides greater terminal grip,” Theo added.

Choosing to manufacture both products using BRONZE C85800 significantly increases their physical properties, as highlighted below:

  • Melting Point – Liquidus 1650F
  • Melting Point – Solidus 1600F
  • Density Ib/ 68F – 0.305
  • Specific Gravity – 8.44
  • Electrical Conductivity % IACS at 68F – 20
  • Thermal Conductivity Btu/ sq ft/ hr/F at 68F – 48.5
  • Specific Heat Capacity Btu/ lb /F at 68F – 0.09
  • Modulus of Elastic Tension ksi – 15000