Multi Purpose + Extension Kit


Got a battery that’s hard to reach? You can mount the ANBI SWITCH remotely using our Extension Kit. Package it up with our most popular model the ANBI Multi-Purpose Switch and protect yourself from the Flat Battery Blues!

The ANBI Battery Switch eliminates drainage of stored power.

Even when your ignition key is off, there are still components that draw current and continue to drain your battery. That’s why it’s common to find it flat when you to go to start a vehicle, like a boat, classic car, or ride-on mower after it’s been sitting idle for an extended period of time. This is both inconvenient and costly as a completely flat dead battery can often become damaged if left uncharged for an extended period.

The ANBI Battery Switch eliminates drainage of stored power by isolating the battery from power-hungry components like clocks, and general energy leakage. Installation is quick and easy and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.